July 19, 2024

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Activist, Comrade Iche Embacks On Hunger Strike To Protest Excruciating Plight Of Nigerians

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Peterclaver Egbochue

In a bid to draw the attention of government to the excruciating economic challenges most Nigerians are going through, human right activist and National President of Ambassadors for Peace and Enlightenment Foundation, (AMPEF), Comrade Saviour Iche, has embacked on what he described as “Hunger Strike” on the streets of Lagos apparently to protest the situation.

Nigerians are grappling with the high cost of living which worsened with the removal of petrol subsidy by the Federal Government and the unprecedented inflation rate which has reduced their purchasing power.

Comrade Iche, in his characteristic manner of advocacy for the rights of the poor and down-trodden, emphasized that the people are assailed now, more than ever before by hunger, starvation, sickness and insecurity.

He lamented that the people had not experienced the dividends of democracy after 25 years, stressing that the severe economic conditions are hitting Nigerians and resulting in widespread starvation and untimely deaths.

During the protest, Iche highlighted the high cost of food and other items, displaying the items that have become unaffordable for ordinary Nigerians. He displayed foodstuffs, including vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, onions as well as household items like detergents and soaps, emphasizing that a majority of Nigerians do not have access to them.

He posited that the high cost of goods and services had led to starvation among the poor in the country. He flayed what he described as the “selfish and dubious actions of members of the Senate, House of Representatives and state Houses of Assembly, blaming them for dashing the hopes of the people who voted for them.

The human rights activist claimed that  President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not the problem of the country, adding that it is the cabinet members and governors who are not concerned about the citizens’ plight.

He urged President Tinubu to separate the chaff from the wheat in his government by reshuffling his cabinet to fulfill the promised Renewed Hope Agenda.

Iche, who said that he is on a hunger strike to protest the suffering of Nigerians, lamented the hardship that has made it difficult for most Nigerians to afford essential commodities in life.

He therefore, called on the Federal Government to implement programmes and policies that would impact and alleviate the economic hardship and starvation afflicting the Nigerian masses.