July 18, 2024

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Founder Of NNPP, Aniebonam Alleges  Plot To Attack NAGAFF  Village, Residence Over Original Certificate Of Party

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The Founder of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, (NNPP), on Thursday alleged that some expelled members of the party may have perfected plans to attack the NAGAFF village and his residence in search of the original certificate of the NNPP.

In a statement in Lagos, Aniebonam said intelligence revealed that the planned attack was to take custody of the NNPP registration certificate which is in his custody.

He said there were also plans to storm his residence with a search warrant over trumped up allegations with intent to hijack the original certificate.

He described the move as foolish, noting that the said certificate is in a bank vault beyond the reach of those planning the attack.

He said that those claiming that they have the party needed prayers and God’s direction.

Aniebonam noted that the NNPP is not like APGA  for those thinking they could hijack the party, pointing out that the cases might  be similar but not  the same.

” Every matter has it’s own peculiarity,”he noted.

He further said, “Even if they lay their hands on the original certificate without conceding they should know that any person found with the original certificate without the authority of the founder of the NNPP is a thief.

“I am the  holder and custodian of the original certificate of the  NNPP as the founder, chairman board and life member of the board of trustees of NNPP since 2002.

“It is universal that board of trustees are the owners and custodian of assets and liabilities of the NNPP. Indeed the soul and conscience of the party as contained in the party constitution 2022.”

According to Aniebonam, membership of the board of trustees of the NNPP  is  clearly stated in the constitution of the party 2022 and some of the detractors are not included.

“As it stands in our constitution, it is only Prof. Ahmed Alkali, Gov. Abba Yusuf and may be,  one or two others are protected as members of the board of the party.

“Incidentally, it is merely ordinary members at the ward levels who have been expelled that  keep creating unnecessary issues for the party,” he said.

He, however,  urged the Kano state governor to concentrate in  ensuring societal peace , harmony and development of the state than wasting state resources in litigation

NNPP is keeping an eye on the various cacuses and commanders meetings in kano and Abuja while noting that most of the members are getting tired of receiving wrong orders.

Let it be on record that what is secret in life is  without a third party involvement. The good news is that most kwankwasiya members are becoming street wise against deceit, cheating, use and dump and betrayal of trust.

Time shall tell in the nearest future at the supreme court.