July 17, 2024

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Eledumare Ministry Celebrates Heart Day

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…….People should stop worshipping what is not worth their worship-Eledumare Devotee

Peterclaver Egbochue

Devotees of the Eledumare Ministry also known as Soul Maker Ministry on Friday, 14th June, 2024 organized a rally to celebrate what they described as the Heart Day across Lagos State.

During the occasion, members of the sect who came out in their numbers were seen distributing flyers to the public while their spokes person, Captain Olarewaju Nasir Lawal spoke on the significance of the day.

Speaking to journalists at the end of the event, Captain Lawal, a devotee of Eledumare Ministry said, “Today, we are celebrating Heart Day. Heart Day is one of the celebrations in the Soul Maker ministry, it is a day set aside to thank the Soul Maker, the creator, the only one that created the universe and its expansion, and to dance, jubilate and make merriment.

“What we are doing today is to celebrate and at the same time create awareness so that people can come to the knowledge of the truth and that a period like this is not for you to start killing ram because the Muslims do kill ram to celebrate the Muslim festival. This time, if you celebrate the muslim festival by killing ram, you are doing nothing other than joining the idol worshippers to celebrate and subscribe to idol worship and the sacrife of children.

“The killing of souls for whatever reason, for whatever sin they have committed to an idol called moloch amounts to idol worship and Eledumare abhors it. So that is what we are doing. The only being that is worthy of your worship is the Soul Maker. You must worship him today and always. Today is set aside for the soul maker for giving you your heart, for giving you your soul, your kidney and all the organs in your body.

“This period, we celebrate it by the sighting of the moon. We calculate with the Lunar calender, we do this every year. We are therefore sensitising the generality of the people all over the world, that they should stop worshipping what is not worth their worship. The only being that is worthy of your worship is the creator, the Eledumare, the owner of your soul. So he is the only one you are to worship and appreciate on a day like this and appreciate.

“This event is three days programme; the first day, you fast and pray and thank the Soul maker, your friends and family. You worship the soul maker by performing the general supplication. When you perform the general supplication, you get connected to the soul maker directly without an intermediary and the next thing to do is to bless your parents, you celebrate them with your friends and the third thing is to remember your root, which in this case is your familial ancestors, you pray for the repose of their souls and for the forgiveness of their sins and you make merriment. On the first day, you are also to keep vigil, it could be all night or a couple of hours depending on the state of your health.”

In his contribution, Captain Olatunji, another devotee of the Soul Maker Ministry worldwide, said, “ Today is the Soul Maker heart day celebration. It is not just the heart but all the organs in our body, it’s the celebration of the liver, the lungs, your legs, your hands and all the parts of the body. In other words, it is a celebration of life, celebration of good health and the celebration of good destiny.”

Ambassador Ibrahim Sariki, a Captain of the Soul Maker ministry, in his submission also said, “Today, we are celebrating the Heart and the whole part of the body. Why we are celebrating the heart is becaue we believe that without the heart, the body cannot function and we believe that in doing this, we appreciate the Soul Maker who has created man, who has created the plants and animals. And we believe that the only panacea is for us to continue to appreciate him. Our objective for organizing this rally is basically to celebrate with both the less privileged and the privileged people because we believe that there should be no discrimination because we want peace around the world.”

On his part, Adams Ibrozanu, a media practitioner and an avid follower and believer in some of the facts about the Soul Maker ministry noted that, “What the rally is all about is the fact that the heart is the focal point in every human being, your life and everything about you is linked to the heart. The state of your health comes from the heart. Today is heart celebration, you are celebrating the state of your health and appreciating Eledumare who is the Almighty and who is behind your existence.”

For Oluwaferomi another devotee from Ondo state, South West Nigeria who has been a member of the ministry from inception said he has been talking to people about the ministry and what it teaches.

“Actually, we have been talking to people about the ministry and why people should join us to know the truth. Basically, we preach against idol worshipping. In Eledumare ministry, we do not worship idolatry and what we are doing today is the celebration of the heart and other parts of the body. In other words, what we are doing is celebration of life,” he stated.

Ona Matthew, a devotee of the Soul Maker ministry. “Like my colleagues have said, the heart is worth celebrating and thanking Eledumare for its function and the general function of the body,” he stated.