June 15, 2024

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Storm Gathers In The North As Elders, Eminent Personalities Mobilise To Stop Senator Kwankwaso From Bringing Shame To The North

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……The Northern People Are Not Known Or Associated With Betrayal Of Trust — Agreement Is Agreement

All these while, the Northern people are being made to believe that New Nigeria People’s Party is the brain child of Senator kwankwaso.  It is also said that senator kwankwaso is the holder of certificate of registration of NNPP and not until the founder, Dr Aniebonam displayed the original certificate publicly to the media with explanations thereto.

Why must senator kwankwaso tell lies to the north and that is the problem right now. To worsen the situation, they became so disturbed that their son is trying to take what does not belong to him by force from a Nigerian of the Southeast extraction.

A statement signed by Mazi Chidiebre Enelama, Chairman Board Of Trustees, NAGAFF HQRS and made available to journalist reads in part:

“It is to the public that senator kwankwaso midwifed a registered political party by name ALLIANCE NATIONAL PARTY which became deregistered by INEC. This particular party was under the chairmanship of one Alhaji Moshood Shittu with an office at the current hqrs of the New Nigeria People’s Party before senator kwankwaso, Buba Galadima and the entire national working committee led by Alhaji ABBAH Kawu became desolved and expelled from the New Nigeria People’s Party

“The northern elders, eminent personalities and the youths are at the moment asking questions, the reasons for the action of senator kwankwaso to hijack the party from the backdoor. The northern people are not known for this kind of attitude and character and can not be encouraged and or tolerated.

“However, it is alleged that senator RABIU MUSA KWANKWASO is talking to some people to see how they could help to intervene in this matter and resolving same and save his name from the shame.

“And for us in the New Nigeria People’s Party before the coming of senator kwankwaso and his kwankwasia group, the national movement and other groups, we have been carrying on with our political activities as one large happy family and progressing steadily and quietly within the dectates of the law and electoral guidelines

“And even before the coming of senator RABIU MUSA KWANKWASO to fly the flag of NNPP at no cost we even and open mindedly allowed him to tinker with the structure of the party to enhance his success and performance.

“Unfortunately, today we are being blamed for our actions on the bases that we are really not familiar and conversant with who senator kwankwaso is in person. He is indeed according to GANDUJE a political trader, very proud, greedy , deceitful , tight fisted and arrogant.

“Really, we do not know but now we have known and it is not too late because the original certificate of registration is still with the founder of the party well secured in the bank.

“Indeed, God is great who is the owner of the party and duly represented on earth by the founder DR ANIEBONAM.  Nigerians may not know that it is the same senator kwankwaso that tinkered with the original constitution of the party and inserted the founder as a life member of the board with inherent powers to call to order any member of the party that may act contrary to the norms . God knows our heart and the future.

“This is just the saving grace, otherwise this party is gone. The founder has to evoke this constitutional provision and in consultation with the general assembly  desolved the nwc and get all of them including but limited to senator RABIU MUSA KWANKWASO and elder Buba GALADIMA expelled over anti party activities to save the life of the party.

“A Federal High Court in Abuja have just ruled on a matter before it that the internal crisis in NNPP should be resolved within the party. Indeed it is the duty of the board to do so. We have before the court ruling requested for the intervention of INEC in that regard.

“The good news is that senator kwankwaso and his invaders are not members of the board and so the internal crisis is as good as being over shortly as soon as we get the CTC of the court ruling this week.

“It is most unfortunate that senator kwankwaso who wants to be the president of Nigeria can not be trusted and we sincerely apologise to all Nigerians to have presented a candidate of this nature.

“Having said all these we appreciate senator kwankwaso effort in his value addition to the growth of the party thus making the party very popular in nigeria. To win governorship of kano state is great and indeed majority seat at the state assembly and senatorial were glorious.

“On the part of us the members of the New Nigeria People’s Party, we did maķe senator kwankwaso a great political personality in Nigeria.  We provided him an opportunity to contest the position of the president of Nigeria at no cost.

“Let senator kwankwaso go to Mr president, Turaki and Mr Peter Obi and ask them what is required logistically and otherwise to pickup presidential ticket and we did it at no cost for him. Aside from this it is on record that history shall remember him when 2023 election is discussed as one of the major contenders. The global world has it on record equally and internet data and information is live 24hrs.

“Someone should also tell senator kwankwaso that NNPP is 22yrs among the surviving 18 political parties in Nigeria out of wellover 84 at a time. This simply means that NNPP have been winning elective positions to survive the hammer of INEC. Here we are senator kwankwaso is just 18months in NNPP and have the temerity to change the logo, flag and mutilating the constitution to favour his kwankwasia movement.

“We also want someone to let senator kwankwaso know that uptill now the bag of our money  is still missing and unaccounted for and noting that Barr Johnson Ladipo, the national auditor was never allowed to do his duty to ensuring internal control of finances.

“The money bags runs into billions realised from sales of contestants forms , internal generated revenue and donations from friends of the party under the control of one Shade mrs. The money that were returned by the kwankwaso scholars during the presidential election meant for the payment of polling agents are equally missing.

“At this point we must let all Nigerians know that NNPP is open to everyone to exercise his or her rights of interest to contest elective positions under the platform of New Nigeria People’s Party at all levels.

“We also wish to inform our sisters political parties that NNPP is not interested in any merger arrangement. And should any one talking about it any where just remember that the certificate is with the founder. It is just to state that merger talks shall include the surrender of the original certificate to INEC.

“We look forward to directing all banķs holding and managing NNPP accounts to stop all transactions except on presentation of original certificate of registration of NNPP. However, the banks can accept payment but withdrawal is restricted and unapproved.

“We want to thank all the OBEDIENTS calling to know what is really happening to NNPP and noting that senator kwankwaso refused stepping down for Mr Peter Obi during the alliance talk. The OBEDIENTS were of the view that the name NEW NIGERIA PEOPLE’S PARTY would have been most appropriate name for  Mr Peter Obi than Labour and senator RABIU MUSA KWANKWASO as the vice president.

“We want to tell the OBEDIENTS that God’s time is the best and it is not late. Meanwhile, and for now let us join hands with Mr PRESIDENT to advance the course of new hope for Nigeria. “