June 12, 2024

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To Depict The Creator In A Particular Image Is A Sin, Capt. Nasir Lawal

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Captain Nasir Lawal is a devotee of the Soulmaker Ministry. In this exclusive interview with The Claver Magazine in his office in Lagos, he explains that the Soulmaker who is the creator of the universe created mankind in diversity and that he demands pure worship from them. He further submits that the creator is a spirit which nobody has ever seen and as such, it would be a sinful act to depict the creator in a particular image. He also disagrees that mankind are the products of Adam and Eve and lots more.


So, who is the Soulmaker?

He is the Super-natural being that created the universe and its expansion.

Tell us more about the Soulmaker Ministry.

The Soulmaker ministry is a way of life that has been there right from creation. The day you were conceived after your father met with your mother and you were formed and your soul was deposited in your heart which is like the energy that makes up the generality of your body constitution to be functional. Your soul in you is the presence of the existence of the Soulmaker in your system. Everybody is a member of the Soulmaker ministry by the fact that the Soulmaker who created you and who is the commander-in-chief of your soul and mine soul founded this ministry for you to worship and submit to him in totality without any form of an intermediary or any being that is ever created. If you worship anything that is created, it’s as though you are an idol worshiper. Majority of us today who are devotees and who are spreading the beautiful message are doing so because we have been directed by the Soulmaker to spread the message of direct worship to him alone. You can’t worship what is created by the Soulmaker, it is a big sin before the creator and its expansion. And the Soulmaker distastes it, and if you do this, you do not deserve to live, you are an idol worshiper, those worshiping man, worshiping stone, you leave that Supernatural creator that created you, you do not deserve to live because you are created by the Soulmaker and when the Soulmaker was creating you, no being was there. Therefore, it is a sin for you to worship him through anything or any being at all or call any name at all in worshiping him or when you desire a favour or call any name when you are in difficulty or bow down before any image or call any name, you are an idol worshiper and do not deserve to live.

How is the direct worship you mentioned earlier conducted in the Soulmaker ministry?

In the Soulmaker ministry, we have a universal mode of worship that is observed by every man and woman who has subscribed and who believes that the Soulmaker is the owner of his or her soul. That mode of worship we call it pure prayer which is the best kind of prayer that I have ever experienced. What is pure prayer? Pure prayer is you circus-navigating the earth octagonally. Octagonally means in 8-points. In octagonal shape and then, you can go clockwise or anti-clock wise. How do you go about the prayer, you take water because you are made of water though not compulsory, you use air because you are made with air, you get a very neat mat and put it on the floor, a separated place in your house devoid of distraction. This prayer can also be conducted in Ega-Eledumare, which is the house of the Soulmaker. So if you have the house of the Soulmaker around you, you go there to perform this prayer. This prayer is also called general supplication. I told you that you use water and you use air. How do you use water and air? When you are set for this prayer, you get some clean water, you go on that mat, you then sip the water and rob some on your forehead and then you start with the word of the general supplication thus: “Praise and glory to the Soulmaker, let your praise be, Holy..holy is the lord of the universe, grant blessings to my soul, grant blessing to my heart…”once you have recited this word, you go down and make sure that your forehead touches the ground. You either stand or bend or better still lie down facing the floor because when you were born, you were down and when you will go, you will equally go down. So, when you put your forehead down on the first octagonal point, you recite it, you do it until you complete the 8-points. I told you that you can go clockwise or anti-clockwise. When you get to the 8-points, then, you start all over again, this time, you go anti-clockwise making the same recitation. We have two kinds of supplications-we have the general supplication and the specific supplication. I have explained the general supplication to you which is the pure prayer in total submission to the creator and the commander-in-chief of our soul, to Olorun emi, to the creator of the universe, the multi-verse and its expansion. Now to the specific supplication; the specific supplication is where you ask for a specific thing or when you desire a favour from the creator. You could perform the general supplication alongside the specific supplication. In other words, as you are praying octagonally, asking for favour, it is important to understand that it is only the creator that can grant you favour. If you have been to places where you are asked to put one or two things together in order to obtain favour or become wealthy, it comes with a price, something is usually attached to it and you will definitely pay for it either with your life, your health or something dear to your heart. So, we do not advise anyone to seek favour outside of what the Soulmaker has approved. Like the Christians will end their prayers in Jesus name, we conclude our prayers by the power of be because the creator created everything by the power of be….let there be. When you conduct this prayer especially the general supplication, there is this inner peace that you will experience because you have worshiped your Soulmaker directly, you have shown the essence of his existence in your soul and your soul is your healer, your soul is in charge of your general body constitution, he is the one that has deposited your soul in your heart for its functionality. No man can heal you, it’s only your soul that can heal you, your soul is the presence of the commander-in-chief in your system.

Do you use any object or image to represent the creator in any form or manner?

Beautiful, in our worship of the Soulmaker, there’s no image or object that is of power, something like bante or even your cap, you can’t go in there with a bible or with a Quran. The only thing you can go in with is your soul in your heart. We have a symbol for it. (The sign of the heart attached to the star). This symbol means your soul in your heart. So if we are painting white, it’s going to be white, whatever colour, the consensus colour selected is what we use and nothing is attached to it. We don’t hang any paper, you just go in there and pray because nobody has seen the king maker, nobody has seen the creator before. So, if any man is telling you that he is created after the image of the creator, it’s a lie because nobody has ever seen the creator. The creator is a spirit being, the super-natural, it is even a sin, it is the beginning of spiritual problem for you to believe that you were created in the image of the spiritual being because, the creator is a spirit, he has never existed here as a being. If you say that you were created in his image, it means that the Soulmaker will go to some big restaurants to eat or will dress in a jacket or travel. It is a lie.

Are you saying that all of those postulations are based on imagination?

Absolutely! It is what they had put together by the Abrahamic religion. We have three religions under the Abrahamic region-Christianity, the Islam and Judaism. They put all this together to make humanity feel some sense of comfort. When they want to put up the picture of the creator, they put the picture of a white man but I’m telling you that it is not real, it’s not the truth. It is even a sin and the beginning of spiritual problem, to depict the creator in a particular image is a big sin. We are against it in totality. In the Soulmaker ministry, we do not use God because the God they use in Europe is a deity, people like the Bush family will never use God, they use the creator, why because they understand the genesis of the word, God. It is a repackaged deity from the local to the national and pushed to the universal, it could not be because if you look at the bible that talks about the God of Israel, it is their personal God and not for the universe creator. It is their deity, their God. If you want to know more about the origin of the word, God, go to Wikipedia. So, as devotees of this ministry, we are advised to use the word that is interpret-able to your mind and that is why, all along, I have been calling him the Super-natural, the creator, the commander-in-chief of our souls, I can interpret it in my language and that is the reason we advise our devotees all around the world to use the creator and not God.

How has the acceptance of this new philosophy been like?

You know, it was Eledumare ministry and we were finding it difficult to market it because a lot of people could not relate with the name because Eledumare was mostly used in Nigeria especially by the Yoruba traditionalists and when you talk to people, they tell you that you are traditionalists, or idle worshipers. So we had to sit down and think of a name that can apply to everybody, a name that everybody can relate with and that is interpret-able to everybody’s mind. So, we came up with the Soulmaker. Of course, the Soulmaker is that creator that has created you and created every other thing. And ever since, we have been finding it easy to win devotees, people in Europe, in America and around the world have been joining and becoming devotees because like I told you earlier, every man that has a soul is a member by default. That is why we want you to come back as a renewal and become a devotee and perform the original worship that was given to man in the first generation to worship the Soulmaker directly. From the creation of human beings, people have always known that they are supposed to worship the supernatural being directly. It was when imagery and idle worship came that people began to worship the creator through intermediaries. People have always worshiped the creator directly even the Yorubas here before they came from wherever they came from and settled here because if you look at the Sango and the likes, they came less than two thousand years ago and the Yoruba people had been there beyond two thousand years ago, worshiping the Soulmaker directly.

Do you have study materials that can help new devotees deepen their knowledge just like the Christians have the bible and the Muslems, the quran?

Like what I’m telling you now is part of what we have put down in a document that you can go through. We have so much of it that can teach and train you the way you should go and the way you should worship the creator. We do not read books that have no facts or proven evidence. We read books that have scientific discoveries, we believe in spiritualism. If you don’t believe in spiritualism, you can’t be a Christian or a Muslim. Like I told you, we don’t read books written by men without facts. We read nature because we believe in nature, everything on the planet earth grows, we are fruits and we want everyone to see himself as a fruit that has germinated when the creator made them. So, we read nature, we read what God has created-the seas, the air. We see the creator in his creatures, we see the diverse wisdom of the creator. Jesus was here on earth and never told anyone to worship him but when he died, men immortalized and began to worship him because they felt that he had power. The man that invented the aircraft, the man that invented light, they are just like Jesus, they are blessed with knowledge, they are knowledgeable people, God has done it that way for the benefit of mankind but we should not worship them. Therefore, we advise that you should not worship your creator through any intermediary.

Important things to note about Soul-maker ministry on diverse creations, something created something, you know you were born of your father and mother, they too were born of their father and mother and so on until you could no longer trace it. You see, we are not descendants of Adam and Eve, the creator created everything in diversity. You cannot tell me that those of us here in Africa are by any means related to the Chinese, the Asians, those in Indonesia and even those in Israel. Our looks are different from one another. Look at the cat family, you see lion, you see leopard, you see cat and you see dog, that’s the way God has created human beings. You see, when those people were created in those countries, the creator also created the blacks here in Africa. The bible even faulted itself by saying that Adam and Eve, the first creation gave birth to Cane and Abel and Cane killed Abel and went to the land beyond and got a wife, definitely, people have been living in the world before Adam and Eve. Thank God for DNA which has it that people were living on the planet earth, in China, in Asia many….many thousand years before Adam and Eve. So, we are created in diverse forms, we are not related. How were we created? We were created with water and air. I look the way I look and you look the way you look because of the geographical location of our first generation. Therefore, nobody should tell me that we are the products of Adam and Eve. It is wrong to hold such believe. We are like fruits and that is why when a man dies and is buried, he transforms into another life, you will see plants germinating from the soil. Life is in the air, we are created with air, water and soil. Without air, you are gone, without water, you are gone and without soil, how do you feed? Water is life itself, if you are dehydrated, you will die. No human being should fast against water, in fact, it is a sin to fast against water.