June 15, 2024

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A group of concerned students of the Joint Professionals Training and Support Int’l, JPTS have condemned what they referred to as misidentification/ representation of their school by a blog, Cherrylmedia, describing their publication as run-of-the-mill journalism.
According to the students who preferred to remain anon for not having the authority to speak, it was sad, sorry and unfortunate for the media to refer to the JPTS as a university when it exists as a professional institute.
Against this, the students insisted that the report was a calculated attempt to drag JPTS into an ensuing accreditation issue which is not connected to it, particularly with such a wrong and shouting headline, “allegation hits jpts over accreditations, recognition” not close to reality.
The group spokesperson further stated that it was fallacious and malicious to report that students lose funds and waste time when the JPTS program is a scholarship procedure where students pay far less than what they pay elsewhere.
He averred that the management of the school has remained committed to providing quality education leading to certifications that qualify them for transfer to international Colleges and Universities where they complete and get their degrees.
Continuing, he emphasised that it is common knowledge that jpts is currently enjoying global affiliation and recognition and that after the completion of training, the process of credit transfer and evaluation at international institutions.
On the deliberate attempt to devalue the processes and standard of the institute, he noted that it is false that entry into the school is a joke as claimed by the sponsors of the publication, adding that the school’s Public Relations Officer is always open to interrogations which border on the affairs of the institute.
Finally, he urged members of the public to distance themselves from misleading reports,
boasting that the graduate, Bakawei Mamamu, who is lamenting has invariably exposed how rigorous and trying studying in JPTS is and why it is senseless to connect our beautiful system to places in Benin Republic where there is a possibility to earn certificates without learning or training.