July 19, 2024

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Oodua Youth International Honours AMPEF National President, Comrade Prince Savior Iche With ‘Akogun General’ Title

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Peterclaver Egbochue

Members of the Oodua Youth International, on Thursday conferred on the National President of the Ambassadors for Peace and Enlightenment Foundation, AMPEF, Comrade Prince Saviour Iche with the title of the ‘Akogun General’ in recognition of his contributions to society development and humanity in general.

Speaking on the occasion, the president of the association, Ibrahim Olawale, noted that the decision to confer the title on Prince Iche was in recognition of his numerous contributions to support and serve humanity through his foundation.

He described Comrade Prince Iche as a detribalized Nigerian who is passionate about people and who wants the government to place the interest of the people higher and above their personal interest in decision-making.

National President of AMPEF, Comrade Prince Savior Iche.

Olawale appealed to the AMPEF president to organize a peaceful rally that would be used to draw the attention of the government to the plight of the masses and appealed to him not to relent. Other members of the team include Okikiola Opeyemi, the deputy president, and Ojoro Uwaifor, head of the media respectively.

In his response, Comrade Prince Iche acknowledged the honour and challenged members of the association to wake up and challenge the government to do the right things.

He further said, “The human rights struggle is a calling God has given to me, we have faced a lot of challenges and intimidation but no matter the level of intimidation, God’s work must go on. I do not collect money from anybody; I use my money to fight for people.

“I was born in Yoruba land, I was born in Munchin area of Lagos and presently, I’m being adopted by a Yoruba man. My adopted father is a professor and the name he gave to me is Aremu which he described as a special name.

“To whom much is given, much is expected. I have taken it upon myself to fight this fight for injustice. Earlier today, I had a press conference and what I discussed was the plight of Nigerians. Part of the problems we have in this country is that nobody is talking. When they have issues, they simply say ‘leave m for God’. Today Israel, God’s own people are fighting to get what belongs to them but here, we will say ‘leave m for God.’

“Two days ago, I was online and I challenged the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC because this is the only organization fighting for the common man but unfortunately, they are fighting for their stomach. See what happened to their president in Imo state where he was beaten. This is because they have sold their conscience. If you recall during the removal of the subsidy, they stated that they would not attend any meeting with the government until the government reverts to the old price but before you knew it, they attended the meeting and discussed, the general public did not know the discussion but before you know it, they called off the proposed strike.

“The last administration passed the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ bill, how many young people are in this government? I did a video when the National Assembly elected Senator Godswill Akpabio, as the president and I said this country is finished. Now, most Nigerians cannot afford to eat three square meals and the National Assembly is talking about buying SUVs at N160million each.

“You can now see the kind of people you have at the National Assembly. And when the people started shouting over it, they said our roads are bad just to justify their action, if the roads are not motorable, who is to blame? Money is budgeted for road maintenance every year but they divert it into private pockets, who is to blame? And everybody is keeping silent. Today, the National Assembly is mainly populated by former governors; some of them have been there for 16 years, doing nothing other than sleeping. If they must buy these cars, why did they not buy from Innoson Motors? Before coming to the National Assembly, there’s none of them that does not have at least 4-5 choice cars.

“Now, even the president has created the office of the ‘First Lady’ which is not in our constitution. They don’t care about the people, whether they live or not. So I challenge you people to wake up and let’s collectively get this Nigeria back from them. How old was General Gowon when he became the head of state, how old was PA Anthony Inahoro and his colleagues when they initiated the struggle for independence? They were all youths in their late 20s and early 30s. Today, the youths have been sidelined and relegated to the background. The bible says old men should be dreaming dreams which means that they should be sleeping because you can’t be awake and be dreaming dreams. So, this means that it is the turn of the youth to lead this country. If you are to engage with an old man in a race, he cannot run.

“Look at the choice of ministers, the president only chose those who helped them to win the election. Imagine, Mr. Festus Keyamo becoming the minister of Aviation, with due respect to him, what does he know about aviation? He should have been given the minister for Justice, that’s his area. That was how the former president appointed Mr Fashola, a SAN minister for Works, Housing, and Power, all three areas he knows nothing about. If there’s a power issue, an electric spark in his house, he cannot fix it and yet he is a power minister, this is the problem in Nigeria.

“As an industrialist, if there’s an issue in my factory, I will go there and solve it because I have the knowledge. So, I challenge you people to wake up, and let’s take over power from these people and reposition Nigeria for the good of all. They have put Nigeria in a very bad state.”