June 13, 2024

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Pastor Abika Promotes Nigerian Gospel Artistes Abroad

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Peterclaver Egbochue

Pastor Christopher Abika, founder and Senior Pastor of Kingdom House of God Ministries International, Sweden is passionate about gospel music and has promoted over five thousand artists over the years through Kingdom Radio 94.9FM, Sweden which he founded though he is a radio broadcaster and TV presenter.

Over the years, he has empowered many to discover their personal purpose and to develop their true potential as a multi-gifted international motivational speaker.

He has also been reconciling men to God through the preaching of the kingdom of God, and lives have been saved in a tremendous and miraculous way by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Abika also established the Kingdom Foundation, an outreach to orphans and reaching out to the less privileged around the world, reshaping and giving their life meaning. He strongly believes that the Church will rise up in glory and come to the place of unity in the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God unto perfection in all the fullness of Christ.

Currently, he is promoting a number of Nigerians who are doing gospel music in various parts of the world. From their interesting profiles below, it is evident that Pastor Abika is doing a great job.

Precious Etteh:

Precious Etteh is a Christian gospel singer at a church in Bremen, Neustadt. Originally from Calabar, Nigeria, she lived in Cross River state as a child. Her music career began when she was sixteen years old. The majority of her songs were gospel songs at the time. She says God inspires her to create this type of music.

In 2019, she released a single entitled “COVENANT KEEPING GOD” featuring Christian Bakotessa, a Sony Records signee. She participated in a live interview on Radio Weser TV shortly after the release of her single. As part of her first gig, she played at a well-known Bremen culture house called “Hanstedt 2”. As well as presenting her newest single, she also performed other popular songs from her discography, including “Praise the Lord” and “Thank You, Jesus”

In 2021, she won the “Top 20 Gospel Music Awards 2021”. The gospel community around the world was able to vote from a pool of gospel artists. In the final round, Precious Etteh won first place with a margin of 8,000 votes over the second-place winner, elevating her music career to new heights. A dream come true for her would be to perform with her favorite artist, Tasha Cobbs. Since her musical career has grown so rapidly in recent years, that dream might come true soon.

Since her newly released EP Faithful God has taken the world by surprise, including other gospel organizations, Precious Etteh is now preparing to embark on her first gospel music.

Pastor Mrs Gladys Ikwuamaesi:

Pastor (Mrs.) Gladys Ikwuamaesi is an ordained Deaconess of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and full Pastor of “Saving Word Ministries.” She hails from Amaigbo/ Ogberuru area of Imo State, Southeast of Nigeria.

She holds an NCE (Home Economics) from the Alvan Ikoku University of Education, Owerri Imo State, and a B.sc Vocational/ Home Economics Education at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

She is a gospel artist and gets her inspiration from reading the Word of God and from seasoned Gospel artists like Don Moen, Ron Konelly, Graham Kendricks, and David G. to mention but a few.

Interestingly, she has the solid backing of her family in her music career.

According to her, “My mandate is to spread the Gospel from Jerusalem to Judea, to Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the world as commanded by Jesus. So I compose, write, and sing the word of God as inspired.

“God told me, ‘ I’m sending you to the nations to spread the Good News’ starting from Nigeria to the uttermost part of the world.

“The Gospel is yet to be preached through music in Nigeria. It’s more of receiving a blessing from God rather than the death and resurrection of Jesus, which is the good news.

“With my involvement, the nations will be bombarded with the salvation message that Jesus died and rose and gave us victory.

“God bless Kingdom Radio 94.9FM, Sweden, God bless Pastor Abika and the entire Kingdom Radio Family! Shalom!”

Uchey Ezeomedo:

 Uchey Ezeomedo is a seasoned and dynamic songwriter with over 200 unpublished songs. She is also a certified teacher of Business English and a mother of four children. Her passion is Soul-winning and spreading the good message of Christ through her music. She is happily married and currently serving in God’s vineyard in Barcelona, Spain, where she resides.

According to Ezeomedo, “Ebube” was born during a praise session and is a powerful song of fellowship that came to her while she was in communion and worship. The song was inspired by a message from Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, who preached about the glory of God and its transformative power.

“Ebube” is sure to touch the hearts of many with its uplifting and inspirational message


Blessify is an award-winning international gospel artist and songwriter with a passion for writing songs that lead people to the presence of God with the help of the Holy Spirit, help people fix their eyes on Jesus to experience and be transformed by the Glory of His presence!

With a vision to minister God’s word through music and to reconcile souls back to God, she has ministered and directed music on different international platforms.

She has so far released about 15 tracks including a 4-track EP Sunday school song for the children that have been blessing lives all around the world to the Glory of God.

She is also into children’s ministry, communicating the love of God to Children and catching them young for Christ, partnering with parents and teachers of young kids to teach children about the love of God and faith in God through songs.

Blessify’s music is available on all digital platforms as ‘Blessify”

Also available on:

Youtube : Blessify Music, Instagram:Official_blessify, Facebook:Blessify, Twitter:Blessify03, Tiktok :Blessify4j

Minister Augusta Alams:

Minister Augustina Alams is a gospel singer and a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ. She says her love for the Lord, Jesus Christ is what led her into spreading the gospel through songs. She lives in Dublin Republic of Ireland.

 According to her, “I am inspired by God because He visits me with new songs every morning I’m waking up from the bed. So I compose my songs and write them from the songs the Lord gave me.

“My target audience should be all around the world because the gospel should be preached. I  like the Nigerian music industry but I  don’t have much to say about them, I can only say they are doing well.

“If I am involved in Nigeria music industry,  I will try with the help of God to be involved in the growth of the industry by listening and following the ways things are done by the industry and looking forward to my growth as well because the thing about growth is that it’s not an individual thing. We need people to help us grow. Thank you and God bless you.”

Ugochukwu Nkechinyere:

Ugochukwu Nkechinyere, popularly known as GIFTEDGOLD, is a songwriter, a gospel artist, a minister in the Word of God, an award-winning artist, an Ambassador, a presenter, an actress, and a media personality in the making, who hails from Imo state, Southeast of Nigeria.

Nkechinyere is ready to give her best to impact humanity positively with her numerous songs.

Her genre of music includes Afro-gospel, Rock, and Contemporary songs.

She also enjoys the support of her family both physically and spiritually, especially from her elder brother, Pastor Chika Ugochukwu.

On how she gets her inspiration to write and compose her songs, she said, “First it’s from God because I love singing for Him from my childhood, then from my late parents Mr & Mrs. Viginus Ugochukwu faith, from Ceiling Dion and Maria Carrey though it might sound funny.

“I loved their songs from a young age before I grew to know most of our top gospel artists like Sinach, Ada Ehi, Chimobi, and Mercy Chiwo, and they helped me to arrange my songs.  I also get inspiration from the ministrations of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Chika Ugochukwu, and others, reading, listening, and memorizing gospel contents.

Nkechinyere targets both the local and international audience as long as her songs will not only bless them but also transform their lives.

“I have given myself this target to become a worldwide gospel music minister and will not be limited by location,” she added.

She says her coming into the music industry would also inspire others who are looking for support.

“It’s a great impact even with the level I am today; I have been able to inspire at least three to five upcoming artists. My ministry is called VISION MAKERS Int’l. I’m looking forward to getting to the top so as to carry others along. I’m looking forward to having a program with other artists both the established and the upcoming for a get-together where we can interact and share ideas,” she added.

Osita Joseph Onwe:

Osita Joseph Onwe popularly known as Evang Osita Joe is an award-winning gospel Minister with a unique tune. He hails from the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria. He has released several award-winning songs such as, “JESUS TAKE OVER,” and “TOUCH ME” and has come with the recent music that’s making a wave in the media titled, “WE HAIL YOU”. He is popularly known for his spirit-filled Praise and Worship songs. He has a flair for Contemporary gospel, Afro Gospel, and Rock genres of music.

Speaking about his inspiration to compose, and write songs, he said, “First of all, I draw my inspiration from reading, listening, and memorizing gospel contents. But above all, the Holy Ghost is my ultimate inspiration. I draw from his well in the place of prayers to compose and write songs.”

According to him, his family has been his strong backbone because they believe in him even when things aren’t working, their prayers and encouragement have gone a long way to bring him to the level he is today.

He is targeting the African audience and the world at Large.

“I have made plans to reach all parts of the earth with the Gospel. So I am targeting to reach people from my home, to other African countries and then the other parts of the world,” he said.

 On her impression about the music industry in Nigeria, Evang. Osita posits that the Nigerian Music industry is really making a huge impact but prays that more established artists will support upcoming ones who are making reasonable efforts, adding that such collaboration would make the gospel reach wider when many artists are in the spotlight.

“Yes, I believe my involvement will definitely bring positive results and add more color to the Nigerian music industry,” he enthused.

Ann Ada Mike Ichie

Ann Ada Mike Ichie, is a gospel minister, and an Ambassador of the Kingdom Radio, Sweden. She hails from Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi state, Southeast, Nigeria.

She has a diploma in Computer Science and NCE in English Language from the Grace Institute and Michael Otedola College of Education Lagos state respectively. 

By the grace of God, she is blessed with her family, husband, and beautiful children. She is a mother and a homebuilder filled with the spirit of God. She is also the founder of the Kingdom Praise Ministry

She is into gospel ministration worship and gets her inspiration through prayer and supplication.

I have my family’s support to grow in the industry.

“My target is all over the world, I want my voice to be heard, and I push through my producers, all social media platforms, and the marketplace. My song is being played all over the place. And we blessed God for his grace,” she added. 

The gospel minister disclosed that her involvement in the music industry would make a huge impact on the music industry in Nigeria.

This is indeed a great feat that deserves commendation.

Evang Blessing Chigozie

Evang. Blessing Chigozie, was born into the family of Late Mr. David Chukwu in a town called Aba in Abia State.

According to her, the Holy Spirit is her source of inspiration and He alone has been guiding her in her music career.

She sings more of Worship, Praise, and contemporary music. She explained that the reason is that contemporary songs give her the privilege to adore and exalt Him as much as she can express.

In her words, “I always get prayerful support from my family but my husband gives me support in all ramifications, and of which he has been there from the start till now.

“As I said earlier, the Holy Spirit is my Source of inspiration and most times inspiration for my songs comes when I’m pondering over a particular situation and God gives me the answer to the situation through songs which I write down immediately.

“My target is those who feel that all hope is lost, those who feel that the world is against them, those who feel that nothing good can come out of them, those who feel that they have committed a lot of sins, and to them it can’t be forgiven, those who are heartbroken and need a Divine touch. With the songs that the Holy Spirit has given to me, it’s always a message for a particular soul out there going through one or some of the things mentioned above.”

Speaking further about her impression of the music industry in Nigeria, she urged gospel artists to always seek inspiration from the Holy Spirit and not from the underworld, so that the blessings of God would be imparted in the lives of the masses.

“Yes, I think so, because if a soul is blessed through my music, it will get to another soul in as much as we know that the blessings of God are contagious,” she stated.