June 13, 2024

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King Daniel, Super Model Honored In Lagos With An Award

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Peterclaver Egbochue

King Daniel also known as King Model, was one of the recipients of the award by the National Hero magazine at the Airport Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos state on Friday.

King Model, a Super Model, filmmaker, scriptwriter, movie producer, and business entrepreneur received the Most Outstanding Fashion Ambassador of the Year, 2023 award at the event. The obviously excited Super Model who has raised over 250 models who are trailblazers both in Nigeria and abroad could not hide his excitement for the award.

He expressed his gratitude to the organizers for his nomination and the award presentation, describing it as the reward for hard work in his chosen career, and promised to do even more.

King Daniel with a friend of his, Mr Bish

In a chat with The Claver Magazine shortly after receiving the award, King Daniel who is also known as King Model said he was excited for the award by the National Hero Magazine.

According to him, “The award means a lot to me. I’m so delighted that for the past fourteen seasons of my activities as a Super Model, producer, and filmmaker, I tried shooting a movie, that was in 2014 and my production is on the internet and in other countries. I was featured in national newspapers like Vanguard, This Day, and many others and I’m so excited to have this award today from National Hero Magazine.

“I wish to do more as a Super Model and to work with upcoming models and to make them the best models, I wish to also work with more fashion industries. I run a model agency too, I also have a networking business.”

Speaking further about his inspiration to take up a career in modeling, the Super Model described it as his childhood aspiration, and passion which he had developed over the years.

In his words, “I can describe it as a childhood dream. I just have the passion, in fact, it is in me. But I went to learn more about it as a professional before I opened my own company and since then, I have been training upcoming models that are doing great both here and abroad and my models have gotten brand contracts from companies.

“We have also contested with many beauty pageant companies in Ghana. I produced a movie last year that was shown by Silver Bird which further made me famous today. So, I’m so excited I never knew that some other companies were watching me. I was called that I have an award to collect by the National Hero magazine at the Airport Hotel, Ikeja today as the Most Outstanding Fashion Ambassador of the Year, 2023, I never believed it.

“I have also raised about 250 models to become international in modeling and acting. I have done a lot in music, dancing, and acting, most of my models are professionals and some of them have their own companies and others are working with other companies.

King Daniel (1st Left) with other eminent Nigerians honored with award at the event in Lagos on Friday.

“Most of them have become more famous and are connected with companies in the Uk, Germany, and some other countries like Ghana. One of my beauty pageants that recently won an award, Fyna Martins just traveled to Ghana, and from there, she will travel to other countries. Most of them, once they get fame in my industry, they get connected very fast and advert companies to come for them on a contract basis and as an agency, I have my own commission.

“So, I still want to train more people. Any time any company calls me to ask if I have anybody for the advert, I just present to them models that I have trained. So I still want to train more people like 500, 1000, and more.

“When I started new, there was an advert I did on myself and that was how I started getting people to train most of the models that I trained are the ones bringing their friends and most times, people see me and say I like the way you do things, you are a Super Model, you are an actor and that’s how I have a lot of people around me.”