July 19, 2024

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Bizarre As Sex Becomes Sport In Europe, June 8

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Currently trending is the news of sex becoming a sport as Sweden has reportedly not only declared sex as a sport but gearing up for the first European Sex Championship coming up on Thursday, June 8.

The Swedish Sex Federation (SSF) organizes, trains, and awards certificates, scholarships, etc. to active members who train and compete in sex.

Already in existence is the Swedish Sex Federation (SSF) which was the first in the world to organize the World Sex Championships.

One of the most important drives that SSF fights for is strong opposition to men’s dominance over women.

According to the SSF, sex is one of the few sports or the only sport that women dominate on almost every level.

“It is a heavy blow to men who have stigmatized women for thousands of years. Women are more superior in sex as a sport than any other sport.

“Women dominate and are better in almost all branches than men, which creates a strong resistance among a wide audience that still wants men’s dominance over women.”

According to the Swedish Sex Federation, the upcoming championship on Thursday will span over several weeks and will feature participants competing for 6 hours every day.

Reports claim that the participants will have 45 minutes to an hour to engage with their matches or activities.

Already 20 participants from different countries have applied for the Championship.

A judges panel has been set to decide the winners of the competition but there is a twist in the game, the audience present at these matches will also have a say on the decision. Judges and the audience will consider factors such as good communication skills between a couple, their endurance level, the chemistry they share, and their knowledge about sex.

In each discipline, participants can score between 5 and 10 points. The contestants will compete in 16 fields which include seduction, oral sex, penetration, appearance, body massages, exploring erotic zones, position changes, creativity in the positions, number of orgasms, endurance, knowledge of the erogenous zones, and more.

The European Sex Championship values diversity and accepts competitors of any gender or sexual orientation. The organisers have emphasised that sexual orientation can play a strategic role in this sport, which they believe will be adopted by other European countries in the future.

“The incorporation of sexual orientation as a part of sporting tactics will be a groundbreaking development among European countries,” stated the competition organiser.

Dragan Bratych, president of the Swedish Federation of Sex, expressed his belief that the recognition of sex as a sport was inevitable. He highlighted the potential for physical and mental well-being through sexual activity, emphasizing the importance of training.

“Just like any other sport, achieving desired results in sex requires training. Therefore, it is only logical for people to start competing in this domain as well,” Bratych explained to the media.

Participants should be well versed with the Kamasutra and all the rules and sexual artistry that it speaks about. If these participants are able to demonstrate the rules and regulations of Kamasutra in their sexual act that they will have to put on display then the more points they will get.

For those who are not aware, Kamasutra is a Sanskrit scripture that sheds light on topics such as sexuality and eroticism. It is imperative that the participants in the Swedish sex competition are able to showcase their know-how and knowledge of sex.