July 19, 2024

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Open Letter To Tinubu Before He Puts A Traitor In His ‘Shokoto’

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“A society that does not have its best men at the head of its leadership positions is a sociological and moral absurdity’- David Bell, a Harvard Professor of Sociology.

In the last few days, there has been a systematic and premeditated campaign aimed toward forcing you to appoint Nuhu Ribadu as the National Security Adviser. A series of stories were planted and hack writers paid to propagate the suitability of Nuhu’s appointment as NSA in your new administration. The list of cheerleaders of the Nuhu’s selfish campaign is growing by the day including Femi Fani Kayode and another prominent PDP Chieftain Senator Shehu Sani among others.

Unfortunately, the growing support base in the disinformation campaign to foist Nuhu Ribadu on your throat is being promoted by the same person and his sidekicks.

Funeral picture of late Tafa Balogun, inset, Nuhu Ribadu.

It would be fatal to overlook the level of desperation and do-or-die approach being deployed by Ribadu in order to secure the appointment as the next NSA. The current strategy of planting stories being used by Ribadu is unhealthy, dangerous, and sad and should be discouraged. In fact, it should be ignored entirely in this new dispensation because it has the tendency of making unqualified individuals take to such a similar strategy of blackmail in a grand design to enthrone mediocrity in your government with its attendant consequences for Nigeria.

We are apprehensive and wish to draw your attention to the level of desperation by Malam Nuhu Ribadu in the quest to become the next NSA. Mr. President, please remember the following.

Mr Ribadu is a Fulani man and an in-law to your closest rival, another Fulani Alhaji Atiku Abubakar former Vice President and candidate of the PDP during the just concluded Presidential election.

Nuhu Ribadu was a lowly police officer who was recruited as a hunting dog and the biggest obedient to the God-Father of the third term agenda. He was used to hound anti-third termers including Dr. Peter Odili and Late DSP Alamesiegha. Not once has he ever made a public declaration in your support in the build-up to the 2023 general election and votes you scored during the election were delivered by Sen Binani.

He has surreptitiously been reaching out to former Governors and Obasanjo’s political enemies and victims. His high-handed anti-corruption tactics for them to overlook the atrocities he meted out to them, like IBB, Adenuga, James Ibori, Lalong, Ladoja, Marwa, not to expose his dirty past. He introduced media trials and the Gestapo system in the sphere of the Nigerian anti-corruption campaign. Gov Odili and Gov Lalong can testify to his lawless antecedence.

He is the police prosecutor who tried Chief MKO Abiola. He personally insisted and printed your posters, which paved the way to your declaration as a wanted person by the Nigeria Police after you went into exile. AIG Bawa (rtd.) and AIG Farida Waziri can testify to this revelation. Primarily,  there were three people at Alagbon close then.

Ribadu was working with them outside the normal police unit with Zakaria Biu, Sgt Rogers. Equally, he got CP Zakari Biu and DCP Danjuma Ibrahim of the murderous Apo Six episode reinstated back to the police. Such a person with despicable human rights records in terms of torture, illegal detention, lawlessness, persecution, politically motivated arrests, strong-arm tactics, and mischief all in the desire to entrench the third term agenda.

The major reason why Obasanjo promoted him three steps ahead of his Course Mates was to compensate him for doing his bidding.

In fact, like a typical sadist, Ribadu is fraternizing with Hajiya Najaatu Mohammed that betrayed you in broad daylight. At his prompting, he was remote-controlling every script she deployed against you and leaked information about your presence in the UK when she paid her last treacherous visit to you. She joined Atiku in anticipation that you would lose the election.

He was the rear guard and mole in Chief planted to spy on your activities and report to his masters. He in collaboration with his confidant and a prominent Obj boy from Anambra state supplied information on your plans for the election including the meeting you held with the five wise men around September and the subsequent ones held in the absence of the Anambra chap.

Mr. President. Now we can’t reach you easily, but we can send you this message in the hope it reaches you. Don’t allow yourself to be misled by political contractors trying to stampede you into appointing Ribadu as your NSA. A man sacked as EFCC Chairman by your soul mate Late President Umaru Yaradua. The same you are being blackmailed to appoint as your NSA! Dine with him Sir with a long spoon.




North East For Asiwaju 2023 Solidarity Movement.

Disclaimer: The allegations made in the letter above are the views of the writer and do not in any way represent this news platform.