2021 Women Of Destiny Annual Convention Ends With A Call On Them To Show Godly Character, Submit, Respect Their Husbands

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Peterclaver Egbochue

Women have been charged to be of godly character, submit to their husbands and respect them in order to become real women of substance and enjoy peace in their homes.

The General Overseer of Faith Cathedral Int’l Ministry, Rev. Fred Obetoh who made this charge at the end of this year’s annual convention of the Women of Destiny of the ministry described a woman of substance as one that is of godly character who respects her husband and submits to him regardless of her social status.

Speaking on the theme, ” Woman Of Substance,” Rev. Obetoh who took his bible reading from 1 Peter 3:1-5 said, “A woman of substance is a woman of virtue. If you are a virtuous woman, make sure you stick to that virtue.

“A woman of substance is not a lazy woman but a hardworking one. She works with her hands to be a help meet to the man. In marital context, the husband is the head. Still, man has no right biblically to lord over the woman.

“A woman of substance is a woman of godly attributes. Queen Esther was a woman of godly character. She dressed herself in dignity when appearing before the king. A woman of substance is one that is hospitable. She has the spirit that wants to serve and accept others.

Women leader,Pastor (Mrs) Winifred Obetoh.

“A woman of substance is modest and humble. She doesn’t show off, trying to impress others with her beauty or material possessions.

“As a woman,  what attracts your husband is not your makeup but your real self, your inner make-up. A woman of substance is one that fears God. She is one whose heart is totally dedicated to the will of God.

“What we are talking about today is not the social media woman. We are speaking of the real woman. Woman, listen, your beauty is not the outward beauty but the real beauty. What the man married is not the social media woman but the godly woman.”

However, quoting from 1 Corinthians 7:7, the G.O stated that it is not every woman that could be a wife and submit to a man, adding that “being a wife or husband is a gift. Not every man or woman has that gift.”

The renowned cleric maintained that men “love peaceful homes because man born of a woman is of many troubles. Man hates trouble and respect peace. As a wife, don’t trouble your husband.”

He cautioned women against emulating the character of Jezebel in the bible who used her position to mislead her husband with bad counsel.  

“Do not use another marriage to compare your own because doing so is a big error. A godly woman keeps her home, she is trustworthy, not given to gossip, not temperamental. As a woman, go home and treat your husband as a king because there is no small man in this life. What makes a man a husband is not his social status but God’s choice,” he charged.

Cross section of the women of destiny, FCIM,

In a chat with The Claver Magazine, the women leader and wife of the G.O, Pastor Winifred Obetoh, explained that the annual convention was a way of building peace, unity and love among the women as well as teaching them to be submissive to their husbands.

Her word, “The word submissive is a very large word, it’s against your will but God says we should submit and let our desires be unto our husbands.

“The essence of this annual convention is to bring the women together and share with them what the bible says about how to run their homes and not what the world is saying, not what social media is telling us.

“In the book of Titus, the bible says the younger women should learn from the older women, but how many of us are doing that today? But by bringing them together like this, we talk to them, we nurture them, they are still growing and we believe they will learn. So the essence is for oneness and for love.”

She expressed confidence that by the next convention, the women would show more love and would speak like the biblical Deborah. According to her, “you  will see women who will speak and act like Esther, their characters like that of Abigail, women that can stand for their family and the ministry and do what they are supposed to do as women. You will see more of that by next year.”

She explained that the women group in the ministry has a structure through which it reaches out to the members individually and attends to their needs.

The event featured drama and special renditions to the admiration of the congregation.

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